Getting you coser to your consumers using in Home User Tests (iHUTS)

Getting You Closer to Your Consumers Using in Home Use Tests (iHUTS)

iHUTs accomplish several objectives that get you closer to what consumers actually think and what they are looking for.

One thing HUTS can help inform on, is how consumers use products over time. This is especially helpful if you are developing a product that requires new behaviors or solves problems.  Consumers receive the test samples to use in their homes for days or weeks to see how well the product works.

Another objective iHUTs help answer is consumer acceptance or rejection. The value of an iHUT is that the consumer uses the product in their own home. This is very helpful to understand various questions like: how are products used, are prep instructions easy to understand, and do consumers come up with their own hacks to enhance the experience? It also helps particularly with personal care products when a single item like shampoo is used in conjunction with other styling products. Placing products in consumer’s homes gives us authentic feedback and insight into how the product will be used in real-time.

Finally, with ever challenging supply chain concerns that can potentially impact ingredients and pack size, iHUTs will help you to determine how these types of changes will impact consumer behavior. Will packaging changes be accepted – will formula changes be noticed? How is the value proposition impacted? Gaining these insights is key to navigating these challenges.

If you have similar challenges or think an iHUT may help meet your needs, let’s talk and work together to get an iHUT on the calendar before the end of the year. Contact us today!