Household Care Market Research

Household Care Market Research

Home trends, environmental concerns, alternative shopping models. . . companies that provide products for the house and home are faced with constant challenges. Our researchers keep up to date on consumer behaviors and trends so when we take on your project; we are ready to innovate and explore how to best serve you.

From home cleaning products and home storage to pest control and power tools, Blueberry brings 20 years of expertise in both marketing and sensory research for the household care and home improvement industries. We excel at exploring the consumer usage experience across the product’s sensory elements to understand the emotional connections that reveal the true motivators for product purchases.

Some examples of different industries we can help you do market research with are: dish care market research, auto care market research, pest control market research, laundry care market research, home cleaning market research, lawn care market research, pet care market research, air care market research, home storage market research, and power tools market research.

Our insights connect consumer realities at home with product attributes to create innovations designed to succeed in the real world.


auto care market research

Auto Care

air care market research

Air Care

dish care market research

Dish Care

home cleaning market research

Home Cleaning

home storage market research

Home Storage

laundry care market research

Laundry Care

pet care market research

Pet Care

pest control market research

Pest Control


lawn care market research

Lawn Care

power tools market research

Power Tools


Our Methods

Central Location Tests (CLTs)

Taste Tests

Home Use Tests (iHUTs)

Sensory Tests



Mobile Diaries

Online Discussion Boards

Agile Methodology

Our Work

Product Adoption

Product Quality

Product Function

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