Our Story

Our Story

Everyone loves an interesting backstory. Ours? Well, it’s pretty straightforward (like us!).  We believe in being authentic, in delivering a powerhouse of information, grounded in actionable insights.

And so Blueberry was born.

With thoughtful partnership and high-touch client service,
we deliver clarity to engage the broader team and inspire action.

It’s powerful research made personal.



Our Legacy

Headquartered just outside Philadelphia, Blueberry is the 30th largest U.S. market research company. We are the research consulting division of Reckner, a 30 year research leader with 200+ employees, offices in three states and global capabilities.

Blueberry was established in 2001 and founded on the Reckner legacy:
dedication to quality research, exceptional service and actionable insights.

Today, we continue that commitment with creativity, partnership, and integrity.



Our Team

We are an experienced, innovative group of market researchers, passionate about products:  from early exploratory through launch, whether it is a new brand, a new variety, a line extension or repositioning.

Lisa McGurk

Lisa McGurk

Vice President

Lisa is a dynamic, entrepreneurial leader with a blended background of client, supplier and academic experience. With a passion for delivering real-world, actionable solutions, Lisa immerses herself in her client's categories to bring thorough yet innovative approaches to each research project. Thinking beyond the immediate research project, Lisa focuses her efforts on helping clients identify and deliver differentiated value to their consumers as part of their overall product offering. Lisa is highly-valued among her clients for ability to build a story from the data, which resonates with both researchers and other stakeholders.

Peter Grubb

Peter Grubb

Executive Director, Client Relations

Peter is a vibrant, strategic client partner with an extensive background in market research. A business-minded powerhouse, Pete oversees business development and many key client relationships for Blueberry. His experience in all modes of recruiting, field management, study execution and physical plant design make him an invaluable consultant and advocate for his clients. Pete provides high-touch service, taking the time to understand each client’s unique situation and goals. In doing so, Pete assembles the best team and facility to ensure a successful project and positive experience on any Blueberry project.

Gina Cassel

Gina Cassel

Senior Vice President, Operations

Gina Cassel is Senior Vice President for Research Facilities and Research Operations. Gina has more than 30 years' experience in the research industry, with extensive knowledge and expertise on the data collection side of the business, working with healthcare, pharmaceutical and consumer clients. In addition, Gina also spent several years working as a field director for a full-service, medically-focused research firm. Gina has extensive experience in both qualitative and quantitative research logistics which enables her to lead her teams in creatively and successfully completing projects for all of Reckner's clients.

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