Developing a Line Extension for a Mature Brand

Developing a Line Extension for a Mature Brand

The Challenge

Our client was working on a line extension for an iconic frozen brand. The team wanted to determine how far they could stretch the product offerings within their brand portfolio, by introducing a line of frozen sandwiches.

Our Approach

Conduct a central location test to determine product-concept fit.

Determine if category users give client permission to extend brand into the frozen sandwich arena and understand the potential for this line extension.

Insights to Action

The desired product benefits in the concept were not strong enough to outweigh the weak product
delivery. Specific product guidance was provided to help guide product optimization.

The competitive context for these sandwiches is not other frozen products, but rather fresh alternatives, whether made at home or from a Quick Service Restaurant.

Although the pricing for these prototypes is slightly lower than Quick Service Restaurant pricing, the
prototypes were not able to deliver the same level of satisfaction as their QSR competitors.