Product Concept Fit

Product Concept Fit

You validated concepts and developed a strong prototype... so you're ready for product launch, right? You may be missing a key part of the process. Product-Concept Fit testing is the best next step to ensure the product meets consumer expectations while delivering strongly against the concept.

In a Product-Concept Fit test, respondents are screened to be category users and concept acceptors to ensure you are engaging your most likely consumers. They evaluate both the concept and the product together to assess alignment.

Blueberry uses a set of diagnostic tools, including a highlighter tool, to gain understanding of exactly what about the concept is most and least attractive. Once we complete our analysis, you will know how well the product and concept align, and what elements of the concept are executed well or poorly by the product. From here, if needed, paths to product optimization of best fit to concept are identified, or your product is cleared for launch.

Multiple prototype versions can be tested against the concept to determine which best delivers on the concept and meets consumers' needs.

While Product-Concept Fit testing can be incorporated as part of a pre-launch validation process with consumers, it is best to learn of any deviations from the concept earlier in the development cycle. This type of research works best as part of early- or mid-stage prototype development to ensure the overall product design is in alignment with the promises of the concept.

The team at Blueberry is well-versed in conducting Product-Concept Fit tests across many categories, including food & beverage, personal care, home care, and more. Contact us today to start a discussion about your research needs!

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