Assessing Performance of All Marketing Elements

Assessing Performance of All Marketing Elements

The Challenge

Our client was looking to launch a new supplement to help with Mental Clarity. After their Home Use Tests were completed, our client wanted to further explore how to optimize the product.

Our Approach

A subset of our original Home Use Test participants recorded how they were feeling prior to their trial of the product and then after using the product. After reviewing the videos, we selected some participants to participate in online, moderated group discussions.

Two in-market packaging options were delivered to each respondent in advance of the group discussion. Four, 60-minute sessions were conducted with three participants per session.

What We Learned

Consumers rely on various methods to help regain focus.

focus group results

Most are not using supplements to improve focus but are open to the idea.

focus group results on supplement use

Insights to Action

While we provided specific insights on the concept, product, pricing, and packaging, here are some of the highlights:

insights to action
product pricing insights

For a pdf of the case study, click here.